Collaboration and Communication More than just a repository for your information and data, belongCRM facilitates the management and scheduling of all your activities, management of all your Club's standard documents, email communications amongst your teams and with your prospects and clients; logging every action and interaction along the way making it easy to see the complete 'picture' of the history of the activities and communications with your prospects, members, and employees. Can it get any better than this?



  • Activity and History Management

    Using the Activities module you can schedule meetings, calls, or tasks and tie them to your prospect, member, or contact records. You can view the availability of others, and invite them to attend during the process of scheduling your activity. The Calendar module gives you an 'at a glance' view of everything you have due on the current day, or overdue so nothing 'falls through the cracks'. With role security configured properly, the Club GM or manager can monitor the schedules and activities of their direct reports to ensure everyone is staying on the same page and working collectively to ensure the success of the Club. Best of all, once an activity is closed, an email sent, a note entered, or a mail merge performed, a record will be shown in the History subpanel of the prospect or member record so you'll always have a running log of every interaction with that record at your finger tips.

  • Outlook Plugin

    Coming Soon!! Allows you to sync your activities and your contacts between Outlook and the CRM. Create a contact in the CRM from an email on the fly!!! Want more? How about archiving an email and any attachments into the history of your prospect or contact record right from Outlook? Sounds good - right? We think so too.