Marketing AutomationbelongCRM's built-in tools and integration with our email marketing and survey solutions provides Club sales and management personnel all they need to create, automate, manage, and analyze your marketing programs and goals. Stop messing around with multiple non-integrated solutions that leave you in the dark and simply don't get the marketing job done, and choose belongCRM today as your marketing 'partner.'



  • Web to Lead Forms

    As an add-on service, we can design and incorporate a form on your website where you can capture lead information and feed it directly into the CRM. From within the CRM you can then manage and track the entire lifecycle of a typical marketing campaign; from the initial creation of the campaign and building of your target list, to sending your campaign via the integration with our belongMAIL solution, to the resulting lead information captured directly in the CRM from your web-to-lead form. You define and we'll design - you define the data you want to capture and we'll design a form accordingly that captures the information you have defined to us. Best of all, if you're a belongDESIGN client, the design and incorporation of the form into your site, is free of charge.

  • E-Marketing

    Using the integration with our belongMAIL email marketing solution, you can create your email campaign, build your target lists, and send them directly into belongMAIL where the campaign is sent using one of your own high-impact template designs. After sending, you can track who read your email and when; if they forwarded to a friend, or visited other areas on the internet that you recommended. If surveys are part of your e-marketing plan, you can use our belongSURVEY solution to track who your surveys are sent to and their response right within the CRM. When used as an integrated SUITE of solutions there is no duplicate entry and your marketing data and history is housed directly on your prospect or member record in the CRM rather than across multiple systems and sources. It's almost as good as a hole-in-one, except you don’t have to buy us a round of drinks! ...although we wouldn't pass them up if offered.

  • Campaign Management

    The Campaign Management module gives you the ability to create and track non-email based campaigns. You can gather and track information about the purpose of the campaign, the marketing channel, target, program dates, budget, expected revenues and offers, and tie resulting prospects to the appropriate campaign to measure the effectiveness and determine if the ROI goals of the campaign were met.

  • Marketing Analytics

    Get full reports generated at a click of a button. You will be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, review all of your activity over a designated time period, and spend more time selling and less time working on reports.