Are you actively tracking all of your prospects and sales opportunities? Do you know how well your marketing programs are working? Would you like more membership and event sales? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need belongCRM to market and manage your Club. Our easy to use solution allows you to perform and track all of your marketing efforts and resulting sales opportunities. Integration with the other solutions in the belongSUITE of products, gives you multiple channels through which you can market your Club and work your leads.


Really, sales are what it all comes down to in the end. Happy members referring more members all spending money at the Club is what we all dream about (maybe not literally but you get the point). With belongCRM you can sleep soundly knowing that you're keeping on top of your sales 'game' and you are going to make all of your sales goals, increase Club participation, and know what programs and events are working and not working for you. Kind of like that shiny new driver that changed your game off the tee (at least in your own mind)!!


belongCRM allows you to track and manage all member information, interactions, mailings, and history throughout their entire life cycle (hopefully a neverending one at that) as a Member. All of your teams from Membership to Catering to the Pro Shop can view a prospect or member's record and instantly know everything (well, not quite everything) about them and any communications other team members may have had with them in the past. Oh yeah, do you need to manage and track your Club outings and events, your vendor information, and just your contacts in general? belongCRM does all that too. It's kind of like putting all your heads together - virtually.